Client Testimonials

“Sam is the best attorney i have ever dealt with, he listens and he is really concerned with your case and he gives your case everything he got. Thanks sam i can’t write enough review for what you did for me and my family. I will recommend everyone to try sam and i promise you won’t regret you’ll be glad to have met him. “


“We luckily found Sam, after my last lawyer did nothing for me and my husband Besides take our money. Sam is the best he did everything for us in just 9 months. Because of Sam my husband has his green card. We can’t think him enough. The first time and every time we meet with Sam he always take his time with us and always pay attention to us and really lesson to what we had to say. He never rush us. WE highly recommend him to any and everyone. In fact after coming back from Mexico we already send our friend to him.”

Frances and Victor

“I was in a destitute immigration situation at one time and when i searched on AVVO Mr. Maina popped up on the list. After reading a few of his reviews, i decided to call him and talk to him. Never had i talked to such a candid attorney. I made a last minute trip to his office where he gave me insight on my situation. He was truthful, upfront and did not sugar coat or anything. He agreed to represent me and I am glad he is on my side. He is not only just a lawyer but a very decent person with a canny sense of humor that tends to ease a clients anxiety. I highly recommend him, totally worth your time and money.”

A Satisfied Client

“As far as possible, I have tried to avoid lawyers, for 2 reasons – it’s not fun to be in a legal situation and they are expensive.
However I had to hire an immigration attorney and things were not as smooth sailing as I had hoped after hiring an attorney. That’s when I started looking around for a new attorney and got in touch with the law offices of Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina and below are the reasons for the 5 star review:

  • Called his office and was scheduled for an appointment within 24 hrs
  • Did not wait in his office for more than 15 mins (as he was with a client)
  • He was very generous with his time (the free consult scheduled for half hour ran into almost an hour and a half – it was not even a paid consult and we spent all the extra time!)
  • He thoroughly heard and researched the case
  • When I discussed his legal fees he was very candid and said that – though it wasn’t that he disliked money – he did not think it fair to charge his legal fees because he had not put in a lot of effort for the case and my case did not need any further action by him.

Contrast this with some of the popularly advertised (radio/papers) attorneys

  • when I called their office I could not even get past the secretary (to explain my case to the attorney and check if they would handle my case and the approximate charges) without paying the consultation charges.
  • Quite a few of the lawyers had voicemail responses on calling the 1st time. Few of them returned calls within 1-2 days.
  • Quite a few of the lawyers had voicemail responses on calling the 1st time. Few of them returned calls within 1-2 days.
  • 1 attorney showed total lack of interest when he heard that my case was already with another lawyer, without even waiting to hear me out completely.

You be the judge as to whether a 5 star review was warranted for Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina”

A Satisfied Client

“Samuel Helped With A Question That I Had To Answer In One Of The Immigration Forms, He Is Really Helpful, Very Knowledgeable, Polite And Professional! I Definitely Recommend Samuel For All Your Immigration Needs!”


“Maina guided me through the complex immigration system and laws and represented me in federal court for removal proceedings case. He is very knowledgeable, trustworthy, dependable, and It gave me a lot of confidence having him in my corner. My case was terminated, and my green card approved.”

A Immigration Client

“I was looking for an attorney through the yellow pages a few years ago. I called several of them but no one was willing to answer any questions or concerns unless I pay or signed up with them. Thankfully, I called Samuel whom guided me and answered all my questions. Since day one he was truthful and straight forward with the process of my immigration process. My transition from a Tourist Visa to LPR was fast; I had applied in August, was interviewed in March and received my LPR card in April, yes amazingly fast.

Years went by, I had my first child and I needed his services again. At the time I was living out of state but Samuel was able to assist me and my family. He processed my mother’s LPR in no time. She moved here in May and received her LPR card in September of the same year. Samuel is reliable, professional, honest, patient, understanding and encouraging, I couldn’t ask for a better attorney. I also appreciate the professionalism and kindness of his office staff.”


“I met Samuel on Avvo as I posted a question to which he responded, among other lawyers. I decided to email him further questions related to my issue to find out if I needed to hire a lawyer to solve my issue and inquire about his fees. On over 10 lawyers I emailed, he was the only one who responded to my questions with full knowledge, not trying to sell me his services and enlightening me about how to proceed by myself without the use of an attorney. I am very appreciative on his knowledge and willingness to share it without charging me the consultation fee, the nine other lawyers were ready to charge me. I would definitely hire Samuel or recommend him, if needed.

We need more attorneys like him.

Thank you!”


“I got to talk to him right away on the phone. I was surprise that the office could do that so quickly. WOW. I think he is very knowledgeable and I will definitely go to him if I need further assistance.”

A Immigration Client

“I was in serious Immigration Trouble a few years back. I went to several lawyers and they all told me they couldn’t help me, but they can only buy me more time in the country. Mr . Maina did not only help me get my life back, he was also very calm, confident, reassuring, and brilliant. He was very thorough in all he did, he kept in-touch frequently and he updated me frequently on where we were and what was happening on the case. If I had a question, he always responded in a timely manner and he took his time to explain things to me. He always made me feel like I mattered and at home in his office. He is truly a great lawyer and I greatly recommend him to anyone in need. You will not regret it.”


“I met Samuel Maina just a little over four years ago. I had read a little about him on line before I booked an appointment to meet with him. Only after ten minutes, I felt so much confidence in our first meeting I knew I had met the attorney that would represent me. During the various court appearances Samuel proved each time that he knew the law. His quiet demeanor and poise in court, and the interaction he had with other attorneys and the judge made you trust him and have so much faith in his work you had no choice but to admire his very intelligent way of handling the case. We were victorious in the case before the immigration court and I am immensely grateful to him. Attorney Samuel Maina is the best attorney in Northern California.”

A Immigration Client

“I would recommend Mr. Ouya Maina to any one that need a lawyer.”


“Samuel Ouya Maina is the lawyer one should have. He is an active listener who creates an aura that makes one very confident that their matters are being handled by a professional.”


“This lawyer is really knowledgeable about immigration. My case was passed on from one lawyer to the other until a classmate recommended Mr. Maina to me. He put me at ease and listened to my case from when I started with the first attorney and he recommended he take a look at my immigration file for him to better advise me on my next move and he did not even charge me for the consult or to review my file. After he reviewed my file, he gave me a call and told me what needs to be done to get my papers. I hired him and I am so glad I did. He is EXCELENT and TRUSTWORTHY! He is very honest and tells you exactly what to expect at every step including the hearings we attended. He helped me get my Green Card when everyone else told me I would end up being deported! I will recommend him to anybody looking for an immigration Lawyer anywhere in the world because I believe he can get you whatever he promises you.”


“Mr. Maina was recommended to me by one of my colleagues. He told me this guy is so cool and honest you will like him from the word go. I met Mr. Maina in his office and he was very pleasant and courteous. He answered all my questions and did not even charge me a consultation fee. I hired him on the spot and have never regretted it; he did exactly what he promised. He was on top of every step with my case until and still after my wife arrived. He is very knowledgeable about immigration. Now that my wife has her green card, I can’t wait to go back to do the citizenship part for my wife. I have recommended him to several people and will continue to do so. If you are thinking of an immigration attorney, you need to call this man as you will not be disappointed. I highly recommend him!”


“Mr. Maina is a very unique lawyer from the moment you meet him. I remember when I went for my free consultation and I had so many questions written down to help me bring my family. From the time you enter his office, it is very calm and when you go into his office and he greets you, he is very calm and respectful and so different from other attorneys you meet who are normally rude and behave as though they are all high and mighty. This guy makes you feel very comfortable in front of him and he treats you with respect! He is very intelligent and I think he knows everything about immigration. He listened and answered all my questions and gave me the option to hire him or another attorney. I left his office thinking my god, I just spoke with an attorney and I felt like I just met a friend who care and respected me and gave me excellent advice without making me feel rushed about making a decision or worry about the amount of money I have to spend. When I came back and hired him, he did everything he promised with no lies or cheating involved. He is very honest and delivered exactly what he promised and my family is now here because of him. I am highly recommending him to anyone who is thinking of hiring an immigration attorney to call his office first and I know you will not regret doing it.”


“Excellent on pointing out need to take care of paperwork and have it ready at all times, I feel it helped me out immensely to have the Maina Law firm on my side.”


“One of the best immigration attorneys in Berkeley CA. Very professional and sincere. Always very frank and sincere with me on all the occasions that I sought his professional services. I recommend his services to anyone anytime and I still use his services. Should you have any questions or personal testimonies I will be more than willing to discuss

Helped with the following:
Transferring my case from NC to CA
Filling all the paperwork with USCIS and immigration court.
Securing me a work authorization.
Attended my interviews
Handling all the correspondence
Still representing me.”

A Immigration Client