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If you are facing, or any family member or other loved one is confronting, deportation or removal from the United States, you need to speak with an experienced deportation and removal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss the facts of your case and to protect your legal rights.

Any non U.S. citizen can be subject to deportation or removal from the United States if he or she:

  • Is out of status
  • Is facing charges for domestic violence
  • Is convicted of certain criminal offenses including domestic violence, drunk driving, drug crimes, and theft
  • Became involved in marriage fraud to gain entry into the United States
  • Filed for asylum and did not get approval
  • Obtained a green card the validity of which the U.S. government subsequently questions
  • Engages in certain activities thought to endanger public safety or national security
  • Fails to register or falsifies documents pertaining to entry into the United States.
  • Departs and then tries to re-enter the country on an expired visa

Alameda County Deportation and Removal Defense Lawyers

At the Law Offices of S. Ouya Maina, we know how to help people facing deportation from the United States. We start by explaining the process:

Step 1: Review
A Notice to Appear (NTA) is issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Together with our client, we review the NTA to understand the stated reasons for deportation.
Step 2: Appear
Together with our client, we appear before the immigration judge to challenge the NTA.
Step 3: Apply
If the judge upholds the NTA, we apply for a deportation waiver.
Step 4: Prepare
We help our client and any witnesses to prepare for the hearing.
Step 5: Appeal
If the deportation order is upheld, we submit an appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals.
Step 6: Escalation
If necessary, we can continue appealing all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our experience also includes obtaining 212 waivers, seeking to have prior convictions set aside, and reopening criminal cases when possible to change charges, pleas, and convictions.

Samuel Maina, Esq.

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